Hello Starbucks Fans!

October 2, 2008

I wanted to start a Starbucks themed blog that gives users different ideas of when they go to Starbuck’s of what they can order that is differnet from the ordinary. I do nails, and alot of my clients love the chance to get to go to Starbucks and we do it so often I thought it would be good to get creative and change things around from the ordinary. Anyone is welcome to post thier favorites and I will post them here and we can collect diffrenet responses from different people and share them with everyone. I would love to hear from anyone with input.


Dairy Free

October 7, 2008

Kids Hot Chocolate made with soy is dairy free. It is one of few choices on the menu. My son is on a scrict diet and he is not allowed dairy, but I love to drink at Starbuck’s so much this is what I order for him.

Try a shot of carmel for this dairy free drink to add some spice add a cinnamon twist.

Even though summer is over and the crisp air is here it isnt too late to get a shot of rasberry syrup in our white chocolate mocha. It adds a unique flavor and personally I think its a better mix than regular mocha and rasberries.

Another blog post

October 2, 2008

On my blog roll from another Starbucks fan she wanted to know if anyone has tried Salted Carmel hot chocolate from Starbuck’s. I thought that was a unique change from the original. her website blog is here. http://elizabites.com/2008/10/03/salted-caramel-hot-chocolate-at-starbucks/ It sounds scrumptious.

Not everyone likes to drink coffee but wants to have the atmospheric feel of going to Starbucks anyways.  Alot of people I know also bring their. My son is on a special diet of no milk and no gluten so I have to be choosy when ordering for him.  This week I heard someone say they buy the apple juice for their kid and get it ice blended. So they feel like they are getting something extra special. So I thought maybe I will trytry a spiced Carmel apple cider ice blended. What a treat! My son gets the kids hot chocolate made with soy. And on hot days he gets the kids hot chocolate ice blended. The chocolate blended drink on the menu doesn’t have coffee but it does contain milk so he can’t drink it. .\